OGS Mahjong 2 web releases

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Screenshot Version Date Topic Description
001 2017-11-18 Display red sphere Clone mjin-application-sample and rename it to mahjong
002 2017-11-29 Read text resource from mahjong-data Introduce Resource and ResourceStreamBuffer
003 2017-12-04 Parse KMahjongg layout Introduce Layout and KMahjonggLayout
004 2017-12-05 Display sample pattern Map shader pattern to sphere
005 2017-12-15 Display texture Map texture (from PNG image) to sphere
006 2017-12-28 Load shaders and texture from resources Use built-in resources for shaders and texture
007 2018-01-11 Display sample layout with spheres Introduce Tiles and TileTheme to display layout
008 2018-01-15 Place tiles close to each other Use bounding box to place tiles close to each other
009 2018-01-16 Add 3D effect and tell tiles apart Introduce Lambertian reflectance to achieve 3D effect. Also, use mahjong-livesession textures as tile materials.
010 2018-01-19 Select tiles Introduce Game and GameItem. Use old shader with lines to depict selection.
011 2018-01-25 Only allow to select valid Mahjong tiles Introduce itemIsAccessible() and itemHasNeighbours() to detect Mahjong tiles' accessibility
012 2018-01-29 Print result of matching the first two selected tiles Introduce selection and matching reports
013 2018-01-31 Depict selection of matching or not matching tiles. Remove matching tiles. Depict victory and loss. Introduce matching / not matching animations, introduce removal animation.